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BP Hi // Low?

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Just a quick question.

How do you know when you BP is low or High. Ive had these little episodes of feeling really drained and my eyes feel heavy and my muscles usually feel tiered after periods of anxiety, although about 30 mins after the anxiety attacks i return to normal and usually get loads of energy boosts.

Ive also started checking my pulse like every 10 mins, something i need to stop doing or it will make my anxiety worse. I used to do it befor, then i stopped, now im doing it again.

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You can't really tell what your BP is unless you have it checked by a nurse or doctor, or you buy a blood pressure monitor.

Constant checking of your pulse sounds a bit compulsive to me. I saw in your other post you seem to have a drinking problem. I think it's time for you to visit a mental health professional and address these two issues and sort them out from your POTS.

I assume you have officially been diagnosed with POTS, right? Because if you're just going off of a high heart rate and dizziness and self-diagnosing, that doesn't mean you have POTS. The only way to know is through autonomic testing, such as a tilt table test.

Hope you get your health issues worked out soon. My mom and brother-in-law both have cirrhosis and it is probably the worst form of slow death. There are lots of resources to help you, though.


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