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Canceled Appointments

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Hi...I had an early April appointment with Dr. Grubb and it was cancelled and the message left was 'will call you and reschedule." Has anyone had an appointment cancelled and, if so, have you had a rescheduling call?

I am trying to 'hold on' but I need his input.

I called and they said that they have 450 to reschedule....anyone rescheduled?


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Sorry to say for us, but we also had an appt. in early Feb. and were told the same. I've tried calling a few times, no luck. We're getting a little desperate too, so we are going to see a new cardiologist this month, we'll see what happens. Last time I called they said Dr. Grubb was only coming in once a week or so, I don't know if that's changed since or not. I hope he's not tiring himself out too much.


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Ditto here,

I keep calling and can't even get through. The problem is trying to find a compentant doctor who knows what they are doing. I am already screwed up and don't need to be screwed anymore.

Can anyone update us on his condition??



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