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I Wonder If I Don't Have Pots?

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I have Brady and tachycardia. But I may not have POTS I'm not 100% sure even though my HR does meet.

During my TTT I went from 43bpm to 116bpm within 30seconds. I stayed around 95-100bpm for 30mins. My blood pressure only slightly went down. I felt fine during this.

I have a moderate aortic leak which may be causing my Brady and tachycardia... So now I'm thinkin maybe I don't have POTS?

Before I was having flushing, feeling of panic or doom, headaches, insomnia, short of breath, dizziness. Thing is almost all that is also symptoms of a aortic leak/ regurgitation.

So... I wonder... Do I have pots? Or is this all my pesky aorta or is it both...

I thought heart problems had to be ruled out to have POTS. (This all developed 10wks ago after I had my second baby, and has gotten better, but I get more chest pains and stuff around my period)

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Guest Alex

Hi Courtney,

welcome to dinet and congrats on your baby.

"Definition" of POTS

POTS is defined as the presence of symptoms of orthostatic intolerance for at least 6 months accompanied by a heart rate increase of at least 30 beats/min within 5-30 minutes of assuming an upright posture. This should occur in the absence of orthostatic hypotension (a fall in blood pressure >20/10 mmHg). The syndrome must occur in the absence of prolonged bed rest, medications that impair autonomic regulation (such as vasodilators, diuretics, antidepressants or anxiolytic agents), or any other chronic debilitating disorders that might cause tachycardia (such as dehydration, anemia or hyperthyroidism). It is important to recognize that this syndrome is typically disabling. Hence, the mere observation of orthostatic tachycardia is not, by itself, sufficient to make the diagnosis of POTS.


Not sure what to make of your particular set of symptoms.

Hope this helps


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