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Pots Is Associated With Ms (Article)

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Guest Alex

Good find, thanks for posting it.

Dr Grubb and his colleagues published a similar article in 2010 - see link for full text below.



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Good abstract, wish I could read the full article.

I knew that both MS and Parkinson's patients have high incidence of pots, but did NOT know this that was stated in the abstract you posted.


While both standing epinephrine and norepinephrine levels were significantly higher compared to levels in the supine position in the non MS group, only standing norepinephrine levels were significantly higher in the MS group.

That IS interesting!
Thanks for sharing.
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I was just reading about MS. Since I'm doing this diet - low fat, vegan, and know that it addresses autoimmune issues as one of the things I'm doing it for. I found this article on MS and the diet. Low fat and no dairy are two of the first things done in autoimmune conditions. Be sure and read some of the articles listed at the bottom of this article.

Since, a lot of my symptoms have been MS like and I do have high NE standing levels ----gives me more reasons to stick with my diet.


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