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headaches and dehydration


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Hey, Gang!

Just ran across this statement and thought I'd share it.

"Dehydration headaches -- Most headaches (estimates range from 50% to 90%) are caused by dehydration, and one of the primary causes of dehydration in the USA is the large quantity of caffeine that most people consume. (Caffeine laden drinks like CocaCola and coffee don't quench your thirst, they actually increase it!)"

So maybe that helps to at least partially explain why so many on this site have headache trouble. And just because we drink a ton of water doesn't mean our bodies are hydrated. It could be that you need to add salt (preferably sea salt) directly to your water so that your body can utilize the liquid. I struggled with a situation of drinking up to a gallon of water a day - and I only weigh 95 pounds! - yet still being terribly dehydrated. Turns out my body didn't have a way to grab it and hold on (I believe that was called low specific gravity). Once I added the salts directly to the water, things began to improve in terms of dehydration and also with my high frequency of urination.

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Thanks for sharing this Opus. I add sea salt to my water and I still get headaches! :) I think it's because of the profound hypotension and lack of oxygen to my brain though. But I'm sure dehydration issues certainly play a role.


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I've learned to stay properly hydrated I have to add electromix to every glass of water I drink along with a salt tab.... It does the trick! :)

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