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Almost done with this round of oral surgeries

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:) I had my last surgery today to work on the dental implant that's been in progress since the Spring of 2003. Some of you may recall that I'm terrified of dental procedures (even with my Stepdad, who is the gentlest dentist on Earth).

I got through today's surgery and needles in the mouth (that's the hard part for me)...hurts a bit now, but I keep trying to remember that for the first time in more than 2 years, I'll soon have a full smile instead of a big missing tooth. :)

Also, I wanted to say thank you for all the support many of you have offered as I'm trying to cope with my drop into the pots hole. Been a tough month. Still working on climbing my way out, but it's good to know you're all there offering to toss a safety line when I need one.

Nina :)

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Guest tearose

Hang on there, your getting closer to the top! I think you will come out just in time to show off your brand new fully bright, neat, set of teeth! :)

You didn't trigger your pots during these visits I hope. I can imagine between the POTS and your neck issues, it was a bit challenging.

Anyway, glad it is almost over.

Grab your sunglasses as you emerge from the potshole, you've been in awhile and Spring finally came and brought the sunshine back!

best regards, tearose

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Guest Julia59


I'm glad to hear your near the end of your oral surgery work. Your handling it better then I. It will be nice to have that full smile you mentioned. :)

POTS holes are no fun----I hope your able to climb out soon! I'll throw in the best climbing shoes I can find for you.

Tearose---absolutely, neck issues alone are a problem in the dentist chair.

Nina, I hope things don't get aggrivated further in your neck. My new dentist is the greatest. He is very watchful of my neck---they give me a small pillow to place just under the cranial/cervical area.

Keep plugging along, and be careful not to over do. :)

Julie :0)

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