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Bp Changes - What's Normal?


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Hi again everyone. I know I'm not around much but I really value the knowledge here and I need a little advice on my daughter.

I am the one in the family who has been officially diagnosed with some form of dysautonomia. My grandma, my uncle, and my daughter have all had numerous fainting episodes though, with other unexplained problems.

My daughter called this morning to let me know that she fainted again last night. Her faints are always accompanied with severe headaches. The first time, I knew it happened we took her to the doctor and he ordered an MRI which of course came back fine.

Anyway, she came home for a few minutes but she was in a hurry. I did have time to quickly take her BP and pulse while sitting and upon standing.

There wasn't some big difference but I know there are links that show the changes in BP and what condition they MIGHT relate to. Does anyone know where those links are off the top of their heads without doing a 20 minutes search looking for them?

Or, even know what the normal changes are in BP and pulse going from a sitting to standing position?

When she is home sometime I will do a proper poor mans TTT on her but for now all I got was,

sitting 123/78 pulse 69

standing 124/86 87

One my own personal front...I know I'm rarely here but for those who know that my two big issues are gastro and blunted heart rate, I've gotten desperate and found a new specialist. This one is another gastro but he apparently has two women on staff who's only job is research. When he has a difficult patient to help, he puts these two women on the case. I'm hoping he can help me with my gastro problems at least. I don't see him until the 4th though.

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