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What Warnings Do You Get Before You Faint?


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My near fainting spells are getting much worse. My head feels like it is under pressure, feel disconnected, sick to my stomach and very tired. Face goes numb. Yesterday while lying in bed, if I had my eyes open it felt like my face was being pushed into the pillow.SO weird.

On a good note, my daughter who has been very sick since early Sept. is doing better.

I fear the stress I have been under since she has been so sick could have made things for me much worse. But I would trade anything I have for her to get better. Been alot of work. We have repsite coming in to help me now, but she is getting better and won't need the help for long.

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My first feeling is a faintness (sometimes like a huge wave coming over my face, head, neck, etc.), then (when upright) aching pain in my whole body but mostly legs and chest, then I grey out or red out, then I black out, then I faint.

The only recovery is lying down or manually pumping the blood (like through "sit stands" - like squats on a chair- that my exercise therapist suggested- these immediately restore my blood flow). I often grey out when exercising and often red out when taking off my abdominal binder. I have never drop fainted and almost always get some or all of these warning symptoms.

I have laid down in stores, restaurants and almost always at church. Sometimes when driving I have to pull over to lie down. I recline and put my feet up on the dashboard w quiet and my mind on a book or video game. In about 5-7 mins this will usually help me prevent the faint.

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I only pass out if I stand too long. When this happens my hands get tingly, then I get shaky, my feet turn blotchy purple, then nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath, ear ringing, and then I feel kind of like I'm under water. After that I either pass out or lie down. The symptoms almost always come on in that order. It usually goes on for about 10 minutes before I pass out. For some it can be sudden, but not for me thankfully.

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Sometimes I will get a very, very brief 'moment' of knowing I'm going to faint. Had a warning like that once in the shower and was able to crouch down first.

Other times, (especially getting out of bed in the morning) I'll go down with no warning whatsoever. I thought fainting right after standing up from being in bed was odd, but then I read that 'rapid postural changes can cause fainting'.

Once I fainted waiting for an elevator with my husband standing next to me. I was able to say, 'I'm fainting' and he caught me.

So no warning whatsoever when I've fainted getting out of bed, and do so too quickly, but a very, very brief 'moment' on other occasions.

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