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Ttt Protocol


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Ok, I finally had a ttt. I'm very concerned though that they missed a lot of my worst symptoms.

1. There was only one tech

2. I was laying down for an hour before the test

3. I was only tilted for 5 minutes... I was completely relaxed, and just as my hr started to rise, brought down and the tech said that I was done because they only tilt for 5 minutes.

4. That was it, I was sent on my way.

I'm super frustrated, I feel that so much was missed. For one, I went in the middle of the day, after the worst of my symptoms. I'm worried now that I'll be told that everything was normal, when I know its not.

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Short doesn't nec mean unsuccessful. My TTT was only five minutes and they were able to confirm POTS just from that short time. However, that is very strange that they didn't talk you through it or wait until they had your maximum heartrate and minimum bp before bringing you down. Maybe they got what they need to confirm it and didn't want to put you through more of it. If not, maybe get a second opinion??

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