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Bp Getting Lower As Hr Rises -- What To Do?!


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Lately my blood pressure when I wake up is 80/58 or 90/60 and I can't take my bb,which I have been taking regularly to control my racing HR. And so I wait. But eventually I have to get out and go to work, and so I take a small dose of the bb which in my case is inderal, and then my bp sinks and I feel faint. The small dose hardly controls the tachycardia anyway. Any advise? I don't know what to do. I drink plenty of water and fluids and salt and it no longer helps until much later in the day. Help!

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Do you wear compression hose? They dont help me significantly but Ive read on here they help some alot. Ive also read alot about midodrine and used it while I was admitted,it helped keep my bp from dropping but didnt bring it up either,just kinda stabalized it at around 90/60 ish, maybe something to discuss with your doctor? I personally dont care for the side effects from it but some others seem to love the results. I know how frustrating it is and would love to take a bb for the tachy but cant hack it, Im sorta in the same boat as u so hang in there and good luck =))

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