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Magnesium And Florinef - Headaches?


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Well this is not a new topic and I have read some old posts but still wondering a few things.

I have frequent migraines which are not responding to anything. Preventatives I have tried have failed so far (due to side effects) and once the migraine starts, there is no stopping it (although I open to any suggestions as I am losing two or three days a week to these darn things). Tylenol seems to make me woozy and lowers the heart rate. Not sure about advil or aspirin. Are they ok with POTS?

Magnesium is suggested for migraine prevention. I thought it was a vessel dilator so I wonder how that could help with a migraine. Also, does it lower heart rate a lot? My heart rate gets pretty low at night. Any experiences?

Also, I am on a low dose florinef but it is not causing the headaches as I had them for months prior to starting it. It is time for me to increase it (from a 1/4 to a higher dose) and I am a bit worried about the headache factor. does the headache come from raising bp too high? I read an article by a CFS MD and he said it can cause "the headache from ****" but then you back down. I am wondering if anyone had any luck with florinef helping their headaches due to raising bp and increasing blood volume and blood flow. I am ready for something to help.

finally, did salt loading trigger headaches in anyone?

Thanks for your wisdom! I am just puzzled....

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I have tried a lot of things for migraines, magnesium i was told by the Dr can cuase GI problems in up to 60% of his patients.

If you want a some more natural side effect less aproaches my Dr advised me to take a high dose Vit B2 or B12 and high COQ10. There are studies out there that have proven these to help for some people.

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Thanks Diamond.

I take B12 shots...hadn't heard they were good for migraines. Tried B2 recently and think it gave me more headaches so I gave up (maybe too fast). I am trying Coq10 and take the ubiquinol form of 100 mg a day. Maybe I need to increase that.

How is the Oxygen working for you?

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I just wanted to pop in to mention that there are cautions with taking Advil and Aspirin while on Florinef. The info suggests that you should discuss this with your doc or pharmacist before taking them.

My nasty Florinef headache was not connected to an increase in bp and it went away the next day when I took 1/2 my dose. Once it was gone, the next day I went back up to the .1 dose without any problems. You might want to work out a plan for a potential Florinef headache with your doc before you adjust your dose, if you haven't already. Florinef has helped my symptoms (notably fatigue/ability to exercise some/spaciness) by taking me from 20% functional to about 70%, but hasn't markedly increased my low bp.

I'm sorry that you are having such problems with migraines and I hope someone you have some relief soon.

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