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Florinef Dosage - Anyone Take More Than .2Mg/day?


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i started on 0.2 mg but now I'm down to 0.1 mg a day. I haven't noticed a huge increase in my bp (I am taking propranolol though) despite drinking lots of fluids and salt loading. The reasons i decreased the florinef: swollen ankles at the end of each day, puffy face in the morning, nasty spikes in blood pressure (i've always been hypotensive but I am not dizzy or lightheaded because of this), plus a headache that's been bothering me for months that doesn't respond to otc pain-killers. Despite the lower dose I take now my bp hasn't changed significantly, but the water retention seems to be gone. It's too early to comment on my headaches and bp spikes as I've only adjusted my dose recently.

I'd suggest you ask your dr about a dose change. I wouldn't attempt taking more than prescribed without a dr's approval.

Sorry I can't be of more help.


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I started on .2 about a month ago but have had little to no improvement. I do have occasional nasty headaches that I presume is from the new medication. My cardiologist had indicated that we can increase the dose if there is no progress and my potassium level and blood pressure are normal. My potassium just tested as normal and my blood pressure has increased from 105/68 to 135/81 (still acceptable). I look forward to seeing if he still recommends an increase or an alternative approach such as a florinef, midodrine and beta blocker cocktail.

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