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  1. Anyone know of any docs near Memphis, TN?
  2. I’m not classified as POTS, just dysautonomia b/c I don’t get tachy. I did have bradycardia, got a pacemaker 9 yrs ago. Still have all of the other symptoms incl hypotension. If you’re HR is low & doc won’t consider a pacemaker, I’d get another opinion. I wore a monitor for 30 days then got my pacemaker.
  3. Yes, I too have low grade fevers & no one can find out why. I just figure it’s because my nervous system is failing more in addition to the other dysautonomia symptoms. I used to work as a hospital nurse, but haven’t been able to work since getting my pacemaker 8 yrs ago.
  4. GI problems aren’t always what you’re eating. It can be your nervous system triggering the nerves in your GI tract causing the spasms, urgency, etc
  5. I’m curious how/if anyone has dealt with dysautonomia & aging parents? I’m an only child, and now having to navigate decisions with my aging parents. I can feel symptoms getting a little worse & getting a lot of anxiety because of my parents. My husband is taking the brunt of my frustrations, & I have to keep apologizing. Thanks for any advice.
  6. Just curious if anyone has tried the 23&me health & genetic tests?
  7. I’m wondering what your suggestions might be for finding cooling clothing/pajama bottoms for bed? I have been so miserable. I have fans, cooling mattress topper, wear my hair up, etc. I wear pajama pants to keep my legs from touching & getting hot, but that’s not working. Athletic or yoga pants still too thick of material. Open to ideas!
  8. Yes, I have & I feel so much better at higher altitudes. Last summer went to Colorado, & I felt human again, hardly any altitude sickness. My husband is a fit & active guy, and he had altitude sickness for a few days. I did well at Yellowstone. Maybe it could be also because where I live near Charlotte, NC the humidity is high. Yes, I have a problem with motion & planes sometimes. Drinking a lot of water is key at higher altitudes. I always remember Micheal J Fox saying his Parkinson’s symptoms were basically gone when he went to the Himalayas.
  9. If your vision change isn’t related to your BP dropping, you might want to look into Temporal Arteritis. Happened to me, & I always have to carry Prednisone in case it happens again.
  10. I am wondering if anyone uses essential oils to help with symptoms? I see that Young Living has one called Brain Power for brain fog & other similar issues. Thanks for any input.
  11. I am used to (or expect) my vision to go out w/ position changes, but now I'm noticing my hearing in both ears becomes muffled. It's becoming very frequent all of a sudden. Does this happen w/ anyone else? Thanks for any input.
  12. Yes, I get it. My eye doc gave me an eye drop (Emadine I think) and it helped
  13. Does anyone have temporal arteritis? If so, what helps it? My temples have been progressively swelling over the past few months, and very uncomfortable. My neuro had me get an u/s of my temples & forehead but haven't gotten the results yet. Thanks for any input.
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