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Thermotabs - How Much Sodium Is In Them, And How Many Do You Take?


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Hi all,

I recently bought thermotabs since I was having difficulty getting enough salt in my diet. It says each tablet contains 180mg sodium and 452 mg of sodium chloride. My doctor says to have "5 g of salt a day". Does that mean 5 g of sodium, or 5 g of sodium chloride??

Also, how many thermotabs do you guys take a day, and how often?


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You would have to ask your doctor what he means. Food labels report sodium content, not sodium chloride (NaCl) content. I have 1000 mg NaCl tabs which have 400 mg sodium each. I take 12-15 tabs daily plus florinef 0.2 mg daily, but I have severe hypovolemia. The correct amt varies from person to person, depending on the severity of your hypovolemia.

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You might want to clarify the 5 g salt to your dr, but it does sound like 5 g of sodium chloride.

I was told to aim for 10 g but my stomach disagreed, so I eat as much as I can. Never tried thermotabs, my dr never suggested I should.


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When I was first diagnosed I was also told to aim for 5 g of salt. Later when I complained about the salt being irritating my doc changed it to 5 g sodium and recommended some be in the form of sodium bicarb (baking soda) since it tends to be less irritating. Also, I hate swallowing so many pills so I started drinking a cup of chicken broth instead (just a cube of chicken bullion in hot water). It has about a gram of salt in it and my doc was ok with it as an alternative.

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