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Temperature Change


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I go back and forth between being to hot and can't cool off and being too cold and can't get warm. When it's hot I stay in the airconditioning and use fans. But when I get cold like I'm starting to now with the weather change. I bundle up and keep my little dog close to keep me warm. And I have blankets on my couch to snuggle under. And drink warm things. Hot cider, tea, coffee or hot chocolete. But sometimes nothing works and I have to turn up the heat and just snuggle under in bed with the dog. I have a roommate and she does not handle the house to hot so I have to take her into consideration. That is why I bundle up so much. The dog really helps. She really gives off alot of heat. She is an Italian Greyhound about 15 pounds. My constant companion.

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I have same symptoms when it is cold. (although my symptoms are worse in the heat.). Here are my cold temp aides: most you probably already use.

- heating pad

- lots of heavy blankets

- socks - sleep in

- good boots

- sip hot herbal tea or chicken broth

- sit in warm shower then bundle up in heavy Terry cloth robe

- lots of layers of clothing

- avoid wind (cover my skin if I have to go out)

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I have a worse time in the cold. Love the heat but the cold makes me feel like even my bones are frozen. I crank my heat in my house - which causes my family to complain but I am willing to pay the extra money for the heating bill when I'm that cold. When going out and it's cold, I first try and get hot (hot coffee and/or soup always helps best with that) before getting dressed. Then, I dress in lots and lots of layers. I've found that will help versus something heavy. For sleeping and just sitting around the house, I love my fleece lounge pants and then I made a fleece blanket but I did as a double thick blanket (just two pieces of fleeces sewn together). I use one of those on my bed along with a down alternative comforter. That fleece blanket is crazy warm - something about making it layered makes it SO much warmer.

Now something not said above; I live in Charleston, SC. Not exactly a frozen tundra here. So, what works for me might not be enough for you if you're further north than I am. It was 50 here today - I wore a down parka. Yes, I get odd looks but darn it - I was cold!

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Thanks for all the tips. Southbel I totally understand because I am actually more south than you. I am in Georgia. I wonder a lot if the "wet cold" that we have is worse than a drier climate.

I wonder too and today it's been absolutely brutal. Bone chilling cold. You're likely like me. We don't exactly have houses and clothes made for cold weather around here. That's why I end up doing the tons of layers thing.

By the way, I'm from Georgia originally - always will be a Georgia girl even though I'm not living further north in South Carolina.

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