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I have been trying to get a follow up with Dr. Fouad for months and they kept telling me her schedule was not available yet for 2013. Hard to believe but today I finally found out why. Apparently she is retiring and Dr. Jaeger is taking over her patients.

So, I have an appt with him in February and just wondered if anyone has seen him and what was your experience? I have no doubt that everything will be fine but I always like to read about others' visits so if anybody has any info I would appreciate it. Thank you!


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Last Feb I saw Dr. Jaeger for an autonomic workup. Dr. Found performed several of the diagnostic tests. I liked them both. Dr. Jaeger was easier to understand and he spent a considerable amount of time with my husband given that he is the Director of the Syncope lab and is so busy.

He is a cardiologist so if you have more cardio issues he may be very helpful. If you have more neuro issues, like me, he may send you for a consult w Dr. Polston or Dr. Shields who are Neurologists with an understanding of Dysautonomia. Dr. Jaeger sees about 20 new pts a week. He'll be the first to say that at CC they do a great job diagnosing but are not as strong on the treatment side. He did mention they were doing some research looking into cerebral blood flow and it's role in Dysautonomia. (I have not seen anything published about this but I will keep my eye out.) He has a vast knowledge of Autonomic Dyafunction and sees Dysautonomia in all sorts of shapes and sizes. His bedside manner is not as soft and sweet as Dr. Fouad but he is direct and very knowledgeable. He does have differing opinions about the mechanisms of autonomic dysfunction and specifically mentioned the names of 2 other doctors who have "theories" that he questions. One overall sense I had from the visit is his frustration with not being able to help patients like us more.

I think CC is a great place to go for diagnostics- especially if you are wanting to rule out new things. And Dr. Jaeger is a doc who has a vast experience in seeing lots of pts with autonomic dysfunction.

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Thanks for all that great info. I have a list of questions ready and waiting for him, mostly to help me better understand my test results etc. I'm doing a lot better lately but this has been such a living **** that I still feel the need for a little hand holding LOL. Plus, I'm still on Florinef and need to see what he wants to do with that. He sounds like a great doctor.

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