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Do You Know Anything About Dr.wahls Diet?


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A friend suggested that i take a look at Dr.Wahls diet scheme.Has anyone heard of it?Or tried it?What i found particularly interesting was the fact that a specific diet may actually give you the vitamins and nutrients required to balance your body.This doctor had MS and was on wheelchair and she managed to get up again and cycle 18miles on her bicycle(!)I know it is not the same with Dysautonomia but i was wondering if the same regime could help with autonomic disorders.

I will investigate this further and let you know but if anyone can share positive or negative feedback on this i would appreciate it.

Have a nice day everyone :)

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If you're interested, we thoroughly discussed this here ...


Great info and great doc. Loved her TED video.

In June 2005, I started with the elimination diet, 3 months later went to gfcfsfcf etc free diet, then 2 years later started the paleo diet / low oxalate diet then in Jan 2012 I went on the Wahls diet. Each helped but not enough.

I prefer the Wahls plan but I don't follow it exactly. That was just too many veggies for me. I tried juicing for about 3 months (?). I felt better initially but the effects wore off. Then it finally hit me that I was wasting my time. lol.

I'm now using the mast cell protocal ( I have a thread here) plus this diet and feeling a lot better.

TC ... D

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