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I hope someone can help me. My short term disability insurance was denied because they said they didn't get the needed information from my doctor. I now have all of the information and need to send in an appeal letter. Right now, I'm sitting here on the verge of tears totally frustrated. I don't know how to write the appeal letter and I can't seem to find any help online. Does anyone know of where I can get a sample appeal letter?


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Hi--I have no experience with this, but would these sites help?

Sites with information on disability advocacy, disability law, getting through the process of applying for disability benefits







This list came from the pinned post by Nina on basic questions for POTS patients.

Sorry you are feeling so frustrated. I hope someone with experience in this can give you some pointers.


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Guest tearose

Hi Lisa, I was denied twice for insufficient records since the doctors never sent them! For the "hearing" I went to a disability lawyer and he made sure the records were in order and we went to the hearing. I was denied then because I didn't fail a trial work attempt "enough" and then I didn't have enough "points" in the system because I was to ill to work. Now the lawyer that went with me to the hearing has drafted and sent the Appeal Letter.

I have lost faith in the system and would be surprised if in this next level I am approved. I have decided not to take this next decision personally since I know I did my best and the "system" has grown too big, impersonalized and fleeced. I now think I would have been better off with a lawyer for the entire process AND that I should have applied long before I did. I was "waiting to get better" a little too long and lost the window of opportunity!

I will survive and thrive, somehow, in spite of it all!

I hope you have a better time of it.

good luck, tearose

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Lisa, I would certainly appeal---don't be scared, be angry--that's what helps write a great appeal letter. I assume that your denial was from a private insurance company. That should be easier since they were denying you because of lack of medical records. I suggest you write to tell them that you now have the information at hand and is enclosed. Before sending it off, however, you should be sure that your docs are complete in their assessment and clear about your inability to stand; likelihood of falling on the job, etc. You should also refer them to the publication by David Goldstein that explains dysautonomia in great detail. Much as I like DINET, I would not cite DINET nor would I refer them to the website. If you have other articles--i.e., the classic from P. Low, or others (B. Grubb, etc), then I would include them as well.

I recently got approved from a private insurance company and they were quite understanding.

Sorry you are having this difficulty but perserve. Remember the old adage--if at first you don't succeed, try, try, and try again!

If you want to email me for further advice, please do not hesitate.


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