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Please Advise, New Appointment With Autonomic Neurologist


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Hello. I have a new diagnosis of POTS, even though I am sure I have had it for years. Pregnancy exasperated it and I really have not recovered. Anyhow, I just got an appointment with a autonomic specialist on Tuesday. What do I ask and expect from this type of appointment? What do I ask? Help! Oh, it's at Mayo in Minnesota.

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1. I always bring my questions typed up so I don't forget them.

2. I also have every symptom my son is experiencing typed up so I don't forget any.

3. I bring a list of every medication he has tried and what it did or didn't do for him.

4. I have created a medical diary of his health that I also bring. It lists date, symptom or procedure and outcome/diagnosis. Because the of the medical diary a doctor noticed something as insignificant as an absessed tooth that my son had is probably the cause of all of his currents symptoms.

I give these to the doctor so he doesn't have to copy them or waste time trying to recreate the wheel. It is a time saver and we can have more time talking to him.

When we saw our first POTS specialist, he gave us Plan A and Plan B. I liked that, that he was already thinking ahead if Plan A didn't help.

Good luck,


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