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Bp Raises Upon Standing???

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Hi all, long time no speak so I hope you are all well??

I have been keeping note of my BP lately and have noticed that my BP specifically diastolic raises on standing but I am still getting HR increases

eg lay 100/68 hr 71

stand 105/97 hr 124

lay 98/66 hr 80

stand 88/86 hr 135

I have even had a bp of 159/151, 131/124 and other high readings whereas I am usually on the lower side.

Does anyone know why this is? x

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When I was first diagnosed with POTS my BP would plunge dangerously low and my heart rate would be very high. After a grueling summer drought, I got into cardiac specialist who told me I had POTS but now have OH (BP sitting was low normal/HR ok; BP standing dropped >20 but HR stayed about the same). I've been on Midodrine since and have sodium restriction as my ANS failure and EDS causes me to pool fluid/blood in my legs/feet. I need to keep the legs elevated as much as I can.

My heart rate seldom gets tachy when the BP drops anymore, but I am on Rx to make me hypertensive. Although I still am not hypertensive, when I last saw my cardiac specialist, when I stood my BP jumped up. I keep a graph on MedHelp.org (not promoting any websites) that has a blood tracker. I enter my information and print the graph off monthly to take to my next cardiology appointments. It is up and down--all over the place. The cardiac specialist added Lexapro (again not promoting any drugs) which in me has helped to keep the BP a little higher (ie was running around 90/60 at night and now might run around 105/72 at night but it's knocking my heart rate from 70ish to mid-low 50s. I think that is one of the challenges in trying to find the best individualized fit for us. We all respond differently (but share so many of the same symptoms).

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Hi all

Just posted this in another thread...... but last night I thought I'd take my BP whilst standing for a while - normally I just take it after I stand up and then a couple of mins later My heart rate usually just gets faster and faster, but last night I took it every minute.

Laying was 106/73 hr 79

stand 100/79 hr 104

1 min 98/77 hr 106

2 min 95/84 hr 108

3 min 67/59 hr 87 - but at this point I had to lay down or I'd fall down!

Laying 104/72 hr 64

My BP slowly drops as above but usually as I said, my heart rate just gets faster and faster and always has a huge intitial raise as soon as I stand - whereas last night it was slowing down after a small rise with the BP dropping.

Does this mean I am improving?!

I have noticed the narrow pulse pressure too Anoj. Last year Ruby I would have a week here and there of really high BP readings but am not on any meds and was keeping a graph too. It was swinging from high to low and the graphs are great to get an instant visual.

I am waiting a TTT and wish it would hurry but there is months upon months for the waiting list in the UK.

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