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Great Doctor's Appointment


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I met with an awesome medical geneticist this morning. He was so kind and understanding. It was great to have someone take me seriously and really listen. He actually diagnosed me with EDS-Hypermobility (type III I think?). I scored a 9 of 9 on the Beighton scale. Even though EDS and POTS can't be cured or anything, it feels good to actually have a name for some of the stuff that's been going on with me. It's good because my blood work isn't showing any inflammation and my ANA was normal so it doesn't look to be anything autoimmune right now. Because the joint pain has really started to get bad over the past month and is affecting my life more he's actually going to have me start physical therapy to strengthen my muscles and protect my joints. I'm hoping that the exercise (if I can tolerate it) will maybe improve my circulation and hopefully help with this awful dizzy feeling as well. So even though I didn't get answers as to why I feel crappy with better bp and hr, I at least feel like I've got some confirmation as to what I'm really dealing with. Now if I can just get out of this awful flare and get back to feeling better... :)

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