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One Pupil Bigger Than The Other?

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Both of my pupils are almost always fully dilated.... But my left is about 25% larger than my right I'm told. It seems as if every time it's looked at, it is bigger on the left, so I'm not sure if mine is related to sensory overload or if it always enlarged. I do know that my left communicating posterior artery in my brain in diminutive for whatever reason- a common sign of people who have a small artery on either side of the brain often have a larger pupil on that side as well.


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I've had this forever...it's called anisocoria. Go look at some old pictures that have red-eye...you might be surprised to find that you've had it for some time and never noticed it. I was able to trace mine back to kid pictures. Just another indicator of the ANS not working on all cylinders.

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