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Ok Found A Possible Job Needing Luck And Pointers

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Hey all! So i found a job that i may be able to work. I am going to go by and drop of my resume tomorrow. It is a receptionist position friday through sunday 8 hrs each day. I would have preferred to have less hours more days but it may be nice to have the rest of the week to recooperate, we'll see. This is kind of a test i am putting myself through to see whether or not i am going to be able to do it. It's not a high paying job, but also its not an extremely important job, where i'll have to worry about lost experience if i need to quit. I am overqualified for this position, so hopefully that will take some stress off. Its not going to make me a lot of money, but its a start. The other bonus is that there are nurses in this facility and also a defibrillator, so that should help curb some of my irrational fears. I always used to joke that i should get a job in the E.R. since whenever i have a pots attack, that is where i want to go. Then i could say, "no, i need to go to work!!" :P Anyways, haven't gotten hired yet or anything, just dropping off the application but i feel like that is a huge step for me. Does anyone who works with pots have any pointers for me?

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