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Compression Stockings

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I just got my first pair of compression stockings which are knee high. I think they helped yesterday but of course not sure yet do to the variability of this disorder.

If I do decide that they are a help, what do you do in the summer? Even the beige ones are very thick and ugly and I like to wear sandals in the warm weather with no socks.

Those of you who have been wearing compression stockings or socks, what do you do in the warm weather.


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I like ultrasheer ones the best for summer. They are much cooler to wear than the thick compression stockings. Sigvaris and Jobst make some very strong and thin compression. For summer and wearing flip-flops, I wear Jobst UltraSheer Knee High with Open Toe. http://www.ameswalker.com/joulknhi30op.html

I hope you can find something that works for you for the summer.


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I cannot wear them in the summer. They trigger my POTS (but I am in Texas so maybe it is just more humid here).

I also found that I am not an extremity pooler but instead a stomach pooler. I do better wearing something around my abdomen.

I have posted links with research showing that most of the pooling is from the thoracic area to the abdomen first then pooling in extremities at about the same rate as normals.

Going With the Flow – Blood Flow, That Is

Speaker: Marvin Medow, PhD, New York Medical College

Date: March 25, 2010

Recording of program: http://www.cfids.org/webinar/oi-march2010.wmv (introductory remarks did not record properly)

Program slides: http://www.cfids.org/webinar/oi-slides-32510.pdf

I am surprised that your doctor suggested knee high as usually thigh or waist high are more effective. Knee highs can cut off your circulation so make sure to move the top band during the day.


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Marti, I agree - thats what all my docs have said, that you need at least thigh highs, and more effectively waist high, because blood will pool above the hose sround your knee.

With that said, I hate the things! Have no clue what to do durring summer as I hope to be un-housebound by then!

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I pair my knee high compression with Spanks (mid-thigh to waist compression). That is what I have found to be the most beneficial. My pooling is mainly in my lower legs and abdomen.

I can't wear thigh highs for very long because of the silicon band. I've tried waist high compression, but it is too tight on my stomach and causes pain.

I like to wear long cotton or linen skirts in the summer. It covers up the majority of the compression, but it is still cool and comfortable like shorts. Also, if it is above about 75 degrees then I don't stay outside for more than a few minutes. Back when I used to be able to stay outside in the heat longer I would sometimes take my knee highs off (while in a chaise lounge), and pour water on my legs every few minutes to keep them cool.

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Thanks for the link. I've seen it before, but it was a while back. It seems that the more I learn, the more things START to make sense. Things I didn't completely understand before, make more sense now.

Even though Dr. Meadows does recommend compression for most people, I'm like you and find that it doesn't really help me that much. I can go without the hose and seem to be okay too. I also wear an abdominal binder, the one I like is by Terri Toner (a long leg one that comes up under the bust - for dress) or I get the neoprene abdominal wraps from Ross out of the athletic section. I switch on and off of using both. I found though that the tight hose on my legs - seemed to make my neuoropathy worse. I haven't been wearing the hose for about 2 months now - except for dress - and my neuropathies seem better - but, it could also be because I'm off of grains and therefore, glutten right now. So, it not sure of the exact reason for improvement.

If we could get our veins and arteries to keep our blood flowing properly to the heart and brain - we'd all be much better off. Working on the vasculature system - Rama, keeps telling us (ME - I feel so dense sometimes, LOL) these things - we just have to figure out how to implement it and put it into practice.


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