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Breath Holding And Acid Base Balance In The Body

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I posted a topic awhile back about holding your breath and not realizing it. At first, I thought this was just some periodic autonomic malfunction attributable to the nervous system. However, the more that I think about it, the more I wonder whether or not this breath holding is an intentional move by the body, in order to affect the acid base balance. Lung function and kidney function are huge players in acid/base i.e pH maintenance...

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Had a doctor test me for issues involving breathing. He had me hyperventilate for so many minutes. It brought on major POTS symptoms - now whether it was a release of too much carbon dioxide causing the issues with the hyperventilation or if it was an over amount of oxygen - not sure. But, whatever it was, it brought on POTS symptoms. So, makes me wonder if our holding our breath has something to do with that function. Maybe, there is a reason or maybe it's just something to do with our Central Nervous System not telling us to breathe. Interesting idea about the ph balance though. Because if your over acid, people tend to sigh allot - that's one of the signs of over acid ph. PH can be affected directly by the foods we eat. There's a book called Prescription for Natural Healing that list foods for over acid and over alkaline states and what to do about it.


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