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Haven't slept yet, killer headache is keeping me awake and I am exhausted. A little chest pain too. Not a good combo. I hear a storm raging outside so I'm going to bet that's the culprit. I finally bit the bullet and took an ibuprofen (A little dark chocolate for the caffeine too). What is up with the headaches? It's only the back of my head that hurts--it seems like every 6 weeks or so I get a bad one. I want to tell my body, "No! It's the rest thst you are supposed to constrict!"

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Hi lemons,

Sorry you are feeling so bad. I havemigraines and can relate to having a headache that won't let you sleep, or, do anything else for that matter. Have you thought about seeking out a neuro that specializes in treating headaches. I finally have mine under control since seeing this specialist. (Thank goodness they are easier to find than dysautonomia docs. :rolleyes: )

Anyway, a couple of things to try for some non-invasive home remedies may be an ice pack on the back of your head and neck. Also, if you press at the base of your skull at the back of your neck just on either side of your spine and the muscles there feel tender or knotted, you can try sitting in a high backed chair and pressing a tennis ball between these points on your neck and the chair and rolling it around. It's like giving yourself a neck massage but you don't have to hold your arms up to do it. (The chiro taught me that one. ;) )

Hope you feel better soon.


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