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I thought I saw this as a topic before, but I can't find it anywhere. Has anyone had any luck with Provigil? It is suppossed to keep you more alert and hopefully eliminate some of the brain fog and trouble with concentration. Dr. Grubb prescribed it for Chrissy over a year ago and at the time she was taking a combination of meds, so she doesn't really know if it was helping her or not. She's only taking florinef now, so we were going to ask her primary Dr. to give it another shot. Any comments would be appreciated. Patti

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Patti, here's a search of the forum for the word "provigil"--if it shows up anywhere within a thread, it's in this list:


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I take provigil and it is very helpful to me....I have been on it for about a year....

I truly would not be able to function without it. I have big tendencies to have VERY low bp and pulse....it definitely "pumps me up" and gets my heart moving when it won't do it on it's own.

By the way, Dr. Grubb is my doc too...he prescribed it.

Good luck!


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