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Belly "flushes"? Abdominal Pooling...


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Hi everyone ---

Okay so I remember someone saying once they understood exactly this phenomena ... Where in the morning - when you first go to move upon awakening - this "rush" happens from below your neck to maybe just above belly button... It's the oddest darn thing - but happens when you lay down for a long time like a nights sleep --- or if lucky - maybe a long nap.

No direction really but just this huge 'feeling' inside - huge rush - no direction to it - just all at once bam...

So now I see a doc who says I need my leg veins taken care of pronto... Incompetent veins bulging with skin changes etc... showing I will definitely ulcerate if I don't do something to relieve that pressure from too much blood etc...

I asked the vascular guy if anyone has ever been helped with labile blood pressures by having this procedure (I doubted it could help) and he said yes he had one patient who was helped. When I asked the nurse - she said her patients get one leg fixed and then want the second one done immediately because they now have so much energy and bounce in their step in the 'fixed' leg - they want that energy in both legs...

So I got to thinking about blood pooling - yes I have hypermobile EDS or some HDCT by geneticist best guess (Dr. T and Dr. F) - and we as a patient group often get this dysautonomia stuff or at least variations on orthostatic intolerance....

Is this a.m. rush all about blood pooling in the abdomen - then being squished by moving musculature back out to the body?

I was at Mayo and getting up off an exam table - as I sat up the doc took my b/p - which was like 140/107.... I told him 'don't worry - it's always high when I change positions upward' -- he said, 'yeah your face really flushed too'

So again I wondered - am I pooling more than usual in my abdomen and if I am- how do I prove it medically through diagnostics - who does this kind of testing or exam - and if someone does it - who does it - and if you do pool in your abdomen - is there anything to do about it other than the generic abdominal binder?

Thanks guys for listening!

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Your reaction at Mayo on the table sounds just like me. My face will be flushing and hot, and I just have to keep talking through it. I've had one doctor ask in a very concerned voice, "Are you alright? Are you sure?". I just tell them yea, it happens all the time.

You might want to read Julie's post from this morning, "Dr. Abdallah!", as he explains some people's possible reason for abdominal pooling.

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Thanks! I'll take a look at it now :-) The more I 'pay attention' to this phenomena - I realize that it happens 'every time' in the morning - not just once in a while... today got very fatigued after an hour of light housework - I was so mad! Cuz the day held a lot of promise - usually if I lay down I 'recover' and get going again...But today I layed down and even dozed for a bit - a whole 3 hours.... And again that chest/abdomen 'rush' ... like a small explosion under the skin --- Similar to when you get to the edge of the Grand Canyon and your fear of heights gives you that rush... Very similar but a little bit different...Okay I'll read the posts now

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