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Insurace or Health Care covering cost


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Guest tearose


No, insurance coverage. Considered as a tool like a thermometer. Although I am more spunky now than when I first requested coverage four years ago. Thing is, they still are working and don't need replacing, just battery replacement.

Heart rate monitor: by "Polar", USA (polar heart rate monitor model "target") I only have heart rate, for a high alarm and a low alarm and time of day. They have fancier models too. The simple one I use was around $99 and sports stores sell them.

The Blood pressure monitor is a wrist model. Purchased thru QVC made by "Mark of Fitness" It is very accurate and easy to use. It was around $65. Many styles are out there.

good luck!

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My insurance covered the monitor for my wife (or at least 90% of it). It really depends on your coverage. If they cover medical devices, chances are they will cover a BP monitor if you have these conditions. I just had my wife's doctor write a "prescription" for a blood pressure monitor.

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