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  1. I have some similar problems right after weight training, I will often get very blurred vision and a very heavy cloudy head. It usually goes away after a few minutes but sure is annoying. If my symptoms are really acting up my heart will race for 30 min after exercise.
  2. Yes, I have had alot of headaches while on florinef, while not recently but earlier this school year I would get headaches almost daily and it would drive me insane. I am actually thinking of stopping taking florinef and maybe switching to a different medication or not taking one at all and see how it goes with my changed life style.
  3. I have been debating over wether or not to stop my medication (fludrocortisone). I feel that medications can mess with you in the long run if not absolutely neccesary. I also just want to see how my changed life style has affected my POTS and if i can cope with it without medication or maybe a different medication. I will definatley consult my doctor before this and see if it is possible to have a trial time during the summer to **** my condition. If anyone has information or similar stories please reply.
  4. I'm not trying to take it as a steroid but am wondering if it will be hurting me while i'm weight training, because then i will stop weight training right now, and or switch to a different medication or stop the medication over all.
  5. I take fludrocortisone for my pots and I was told that it would help me in weight training and then told by someone else that it would not help because it's catabolic activity in muscles. PLEASE help, anything would be great.
  6. Hello, I was wondering if anyone know if most insurance cover the cost of BP monitors and Heart Rate monitors for people diagnosed with having POTS. Also if anyone knows the prices of these things if they could also tell me. Please respond with any related informationon this topic of monitoring yourself and any tips.
  7. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew if my heart rate while exercising was normal. I was running and would be around 185-190 and jumping to 200 every so often. I have been diagnosed with POTS and I think exercise is beneficial to me when I am not feeling so bad. I'm 16 by the way. I am just afraid my heart may be overworking. Also can anyone tell me if they have ever woken up and had horrible chest pains that last for an hour to hour and a half. This occured over the summer and just last week. I hope it's just gas or something. Thanks give me some responses.
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