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Results So Far/ Problem Need Suggestions


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Okay I called my hematologist first to see if I can get in for an IV iron treatment

This week haven't heard back yet....

I saw the gyno-she did a pap today.

Will do ultrasound next week on uterus.

Her findings on exam were uterus looks like it's 5 weeks pregnant by size.

Cervix looks very small to have had four vaginal deliveries.

She said the opening should be much larger.

She did some poking around and said if I start having pain during intercourse that is the sign based on what she is seeing that it needs to come out, she said she cannot promise me she can save it-kind of weird but whatever,

So ultrasound will be next week she said tell the person doing it it is for ablation that if they see anything odd to pull her in-she said she will be there next week.

She wants to do the ablation says enough is enough she doesn't want me to have to keep getting the IV iron,

She does do it at the hospital as an outpatient procedure.

This is where I need help

These are the following meds she wants me to take....

What is the best way for me to assure they are free of sulfites?

Megace-to stop my bleeding completely.

She said it should stop right away and we should be good for at least a month.

Flagyl to prepare me for surgery-I told her I sometimes have a fishy odor and I want to make sure there is no infection there prior to surgery,

Then for the procedure....

She wants to give me Fentanyl - looks like it contains sulfite to me.

Toradol-again looks like sulfite

Ibuprofen for after not sure.

What is the best way to do this.

I'm thinking if I can go in with a list of do not give and safe it might help.

I think all anti emetics are out and honestly I don't know of a narcotic that is safe.

I don't know if there is a pharmacist I can consult with prior,

I don't trust myself or the internet to do this alone it feels like my life on the line and I don't want to screw it up.

I also don't want to just sound paranoid,

I'm not sure the best way.

Ideas needed please.

It looks like she wants to do the procedure right away within a month anyway I'm not opposed just want to find safe drugs for me.

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Sounds like your appt was productive. I'd recommend asking your doc or a pharmacist too about these meds.

I've never had to avoid sulfites but I always ask my doc or the pharmacist if my meds are gf. I can

look up some meds online to see if they're gf, but I don't know if sulfites can be researched that way.

Is there a sulfite forum ? They might know this ..

fwiw, i think the shot I got was lupron. Being peri menopausal, it worked great for me.

Good luck with this ..


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Oh wow leize.... i had no idea you were going into surgery? Is this for a hysterectomy? You sound so much better these days, as if things are panning out, or that you have a better grip on all of this....... how are you doing?

love ya dear

tennille :)

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I am very nervous about all of this.

I just read about the Megace and an afraid to take it with my med sensitivities and health in general.

I'm near the end of my period anyway.

I still have periods of weakness.

Just had one felt good earlier did just a little extra and now I'm in tears.

They may not be able to get me in for iron till next week.

I just don't feel right,

I don't usually cramp like this at my cycle.

This isn't like me at all.

Well hopefully they will find answers and we can solve some of these issues for good.

It's frustrating to be sick for so long.

I feel so bad for the impact this is having on my family.

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Hi lieze .. Hugs . Sorry you've got it so rough right now.

Try not to worry about your family now. You'll be out of this slump soon as your period

is ending. I used to get sooooo weary during my menses so I think I understand this.

Fwiw tho, I used to make up for my guilty feelings by doing something special for my dd. We had

little impromtu parties, yard picnics, movie + popcorn, played games, etc. She really seemed

to appreciate it. And it was cheap ..

I recommended the buffalo meat because it's higher in iron than reg beef. But have you tried iron supplements ?

I'm taking Country life easy iron now and I'm ok with it. It doesn't say it's corn free tho.

You may want to call your doc about the meds. Did you look up lupron ? Since your goal is to stop

the bleeding, if this worked, you may be able to skip the ablation ..

Tc .. D

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I started my menses today.... and yesterday i felt the worst i have felt in a long long time. I also had that all day long feeling that i did not feel right..... kept saying it to myself 'this doesn't feel right'.... 'this is not normal'..... i haven't had a day like that in a while... then today whalaaa! period.

big hugs to you..... my brain ***** and my jaw is in sooooo much pain that i can't think straight...... you'll get past this slump :)

love and hugs

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Thank you for the support.

I realize this can be a quite common problem that women go through I'm not sure why I fall apart with every thing that hits me.

Dr. P's office called back and said I should be okay til next week for the iron.

The nurse I spoke to had said to be prepared when I see him Wednesday to get iron that day.

It's just I had another period since those labs so I'm worried they've dropped even lower.

This is all exacerbating my anxiety.

My other numbers were all good though so I think he's probably taking that into consideration and I should trust him.

It's just I feel like I could drop again.

It's a horrible feeling.

Surgery for ablation is set up on 24th.

I explained I need consult with anesthesiology to find something safe for me.

Scheduling person was very nice.

Said maybe they don't need to put me to sleep and can just something like Versed.

So they are checking that out.

I will just need that and possibly one narcotic to get me through then I should be fine and potentially this could solve the iron problem.

I'm trying to think positive and beyond these things to recovery and energy and happiness.

I am biting little pieces off of Flinstones with iron. I do it spaced out from my milk since it inhibits iron absorption.

But just started this a couple days ago.

The liquid ferrous sulfate I got made my throat feel like it was closing up.

I am held up on the couch-will just do only the necessary until I get my iron IV.

I'll just feel safer after at least one infusion.

I am glad we finally figured out what was up with me. Not sure it will solve all of my problems but I'm hopeful for some improvement.

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I'm a pretty strong person and I fell apart while this was happening to me too. Blood loss, esp

if you can't seem to stop it is very scarey. Resting, drinking plenty of fluids, eating healthy and

replenishing my iron worked but it took 6 weeks for me to feel human again. I couldn't go upstairs

in my townhouse without sitting down every couple of stairs.

Are you still drinking ensure or boost ?

Fwiw, I never understood my ex gynos attitude

while I was going thru this. I actually heard that I was probably wrong and that it only looked

like a lot of blood in the toilet. Thankfully the er doc proved her wrong ..

Sorry to rant .. My point was to try to comisserate with you .. I hope your doctor isn't like mine was and

you're getting the emotional support you need now too. This is a big deal .. Tc .. D

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I think it's prayer or something because that first day all it took was for me to see the ferritin drop from 70-14.8 in 2 months and I knew that was bad and something needed to be done.

I felt bad on the way but do you know how many times I was told oh this is just stress.

So that first day I was a wreck.

The. Next day went to the gyno right away and just kind of floated through that day.

Had some worried thoughts just about everything.

But my spirit is lifting.

Could be as you say it's as simple of just getting to the end of my cycle but I'm losing some of the fear.

I'm making an effort to put a positive attitude out to my family because me being sick has just gone on so long.

But maybe that is good and healthy for me too.

For my own mind to smile and say I am okay.

Kind of like an affirmation.

So I am surprised but am feeling some encouragement.

I'm sure being able to talk about it and get support helps maybe more than I even realize.

Thank you.

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