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Are These Masto Rashes? Pictures Attached....


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Hi all!

So I went back to my auto specialist on Thurs to see him about some new and worriesome symptoms I have been having over the last couple months; severe joint and muscle pain, rashes, night sweats, heat flushes, nausea, D, etc.....my auto dr isnt that familiar with mast cell so is going to try to refer me for some testing. My local internist strongly suspects mast cell (he has background in oncology, cardiac, internal) and says he has seen these rashes before......I have wanted to post some pics for awhile to see if any of you masties get these similar markings....I have attached a link....hope it works....I tested it...it should take you to the pictures. I would really appreciate anyones input.....



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Boy can I relate--always rashes or welts popping up. I was noticing more rash/itches as each aquaciser treatment in therapy (duration) would advance, despite showering right out of the aquaciser and again at home. I took it to be from chlorine/chemical irritation as it was on areas that were under the water with the jets infusing those chemicals in even deeper. It started to be mild but now is under/around both arms, between breasts and under one breast, behind both knees, now where I'd had allergic reaction to paper tape a month ago in bend on my elbow and now it's beginning in my other elbow. I got my PCP to order Diflucan for me in case it is yeasty from the chemicals. Took my first dose last night but sure hasn't helped yet. I'm also having rash start at one side of the waist line and beneath the buttock and someplace I would not care to mention. I am schedules for hemeoncologist for multicompleximmunodeficiencies and who is allergist with Mast Cell interest in 2 weeks and I'll bet my skin woud be cleared up by then. I just want to dig and dig to scratch but know I can't. Former PCP recommended Aveno's oatmeal bath to help calm the skin. If you're like me right now--it is more than miserable. I've held off on anything with antihistamine effects and my hydrocortisone creams as I don't want any thing to interfere with any testing the hemeoncologist may do.

I normally take Singulair and Zantac at bedtime (have allergy/antihistamine effects). I sure hope you find some answers. I have multiple drug allergies and other allergies and am Orthostatic Hypotensive with ANS failing.

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