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help...I'm sick


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Guest tearose

So sorry to hear about your cold dizzy. I usually do the "old fashioned" stuff which is chicken soup, water, vitamins, saline nose spray if congested and tylenol for aches, pains or fever. Also, don't do too much physically, rest a lot. Many/most of us have a real problem with OTC like sudafed, so I suggest you don't try anything like that!!! In regular people a cold will take a week to go away. In us, it can take two weeks. Hang in there and if you can't manage on your own or you have a fever that won't respond to tylenol...go to the doctor!

get well, tearose

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I take a ton of extra vitamins (esp. vitamin C & B complex & zinc) And I also take zicam (homeopathic cold remedy available at almost all drugstores these days).

Here's a link to a conversation we had on this topic earlier this year; there have been others ... you can try a search and go back farther than last 30 days.


hope you get some relief too. Sleep as much as you can


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