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Low Salt/electrolyte Imbalance - Chest Discomfort


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Hi - Just wanted to know if what I have been experiencing is normal or others have similar episodes.

I had major GERD/digestion issues a few days ago which were causing tons of ectopic beats, so i ate very cleanly for the last 2 days and ectopics have eased off.

Have just been eating veg and potatoes pretty much for the last 2 days. I have had 0 salt.

Today I got some left sided chest pain and felt dizzy suddenly, checked on BP monitor and cardiac output was pretty low for me. 52 HR, 108/60 BP. I am on DDAVP which no doubt stopped my BP going any lower.

So i just had some salt and chest pain has gone and cardiac output returned to normal levels.

Does anyone know why one would experience chest discomfort with an electrolyte imbalance? I know that reasons for low BP and chest pain in POTS patients are not clear.



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Low blood volume can cause POTS symptoms--and salt helps maintain blood volume. Although it seems from your description you had a rapid change in symptoms after taking salt. From my experience, taking both extra salt and extra fluid helps relieve symptoms, including chest pain, but it is not instantaneous. My doctor has warned me however that taking too much salt (and water?) can cause the kidneys to start to excrete too much potassium. I know many of us on DINET, myself included, have slightly low potassium at times.

I hope you feel better soon.

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Sometimes i have found taking salts has had a rapid positive impact on the chest pain.

Like you i would love someone to explain the chest pain to me. Magnesium is good for the heart. I take a trace mineral tonic with magnesium etc. I get rushes that spike at about 150 and cause awful pain and are adrenaline led - i think. But the chest pain stays for days whether lying down or up.

You can get chest pain when heart is slow too - that is not comfortable either.

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