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Off Doxepin For 12 Days And Starting To Feel Crummy


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Well, I stopped doxepin 25mg to prepare for some additional testing at CC. So I tried staying off it because I really need more food allergy testing and I need to be off it for six (!) weeks in advance.

In the last several days I have started to get the sweats and chills, and the nausea is back along with the malaise. I was so unsteady today I fell down. My BP and pulse are perfectly normal. It started when I reacted really badly to pork with severe nausea and I haven't recovered well. That was about six days ago. I can usually tolerate a small serving of pork.

My question is: Has anyone else tried to d/c doxepin and got sick again? I was feeling really well before I stopped it, but I think I may have learned a hard lesson here lol. I am just trying to function on as few meds as possible.

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YES! My son was doing very well, so we (doctors and me) thought he might not need his doxepin any more. Live and Learn.. He stopped taking it about a week and half ago and is now so very,very,very nauseated. We started him back on it 2 days ago and not much relief yet. Hopefully it doesn't take too long to get him back to feeling pretty good or at least functional. We too were trying to reduce the number of medications he was taking. I guess if it isn't broke, don't fix it applies here. The meds are doing something for him so don't mess with them.


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Thank you so much. I am sitting here in the house with a wool coat on. I am literally freezing just like the old days! This and the nausea were my worst symptoms before starting doxepin. You are right about the 'ain't broke' theory. Who knew? :blink:

I do hope your son feels better very soon.


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Hi Songcanary,

So sorry to hear you are having problems. Did you taper off the Doxipen or cold turkey? You may need to start back on at a lower dose or some type of adjustment. I agree with Christy & you, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." PM or call me to catch up with what is going on with you.

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