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Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy

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I started on the path to my POTS diagnosis with a trip to the cardiologist. I was having shortness of breath with minimal activity (like bathing) and showed EKG changes at the primary doc. My echo was abnormal with low ejection fraction and global hypokinesis of the left ventricle. I had a fancy cardiac MRI done because the cardiologist originally thought I had some weird rare degenerative cardiomyopathy. I started to have other symptoms of POTS and ended up never really following up the heart angle.

I brought this up today with Dr. Khurana. He reviewed the echo results and became concerned. He said that my echo was indicative of takotsubo cardiomyopathy, which can result from surges of adrenaline. (his words, not mine) From my reading, it looks like it is typically a result of ONE incident of stress (like a car accident or death of spouse), not a repeated stressor as we would have from dysautonomia.

It also seems to resolve on its own? But that is when the cells aren't being repeatedly "stunned" by the adrenaline surges. I can't seem to find any information specific to takotsubo and POTS. Does anyone know of this or have links or articles? I am not too worried, since I have been sitting on it for over a year without anyone catching the need for follow-up, but I am curious. I do get chest pain when I over-exert, and continue to have terrible shortness of breath with exertion.



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Hi, Abetterjulie,

Dr. Khurana is my doctor as well. I read the article he wrote, posted by Vemee, and I noticed that I also went to Shomali, an endocrinologist who has treated several POTS patients. I also tested "below normal" in my adrenal response during the insulin tolerance test.

I always thought I was a mystery, wrapped up in an enigma, and that doctors really didn't understand all the ramifications of my condition.

I just had an elective gallbladder removal, and my reaction to coming out of anesthetic was a nightmare.

I'm sorry Dr. K threw this possible diagnosis your way, but he always seems interested and willing to help, if possible. They just do not know enough. We are like walking experiments.

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