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Sumertime Blues

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Hi there, Hope everyone who is dealing with this heatwave is hanging in okay....I have been "down" for almost a month now...Think I'll see about I.V. today.

So...I call my Dys. Dr. office yesterday to make an appt for September (out of town) and was told he is no longer there. On top of being so very symptomatic, along with my new symptoms thrown in, now I'm really in a panic- out on a limb so to speak. While my primary, and others here where I live are wonderful and try to understand (read- do what I ask them to do) they, for the most part, know about Dysautonomia, only what I've taught them (along with my Dys Doc of course, not tooting my horn)

I just need to know that "everything will be alright," my coping skills are not exactly up to par right now.

Thanks for listening

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I'm sorry you've been feeling so bad lately. This heat is definitely not much help at all, I know! I can't believe your doctor left and no one told you about that. Hopefully someone else at that office who is knowledgable can see you instead. I have awful coping skills because I wish that exact thing you said, that someone could promise to me that "everything will be alright". Feel better!!!!!

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I have the feeling that I'm hanging on by a thread and it could be a total misperception on my part but if any one of my coping mechanisms or tools that I use to get by is suddenly not available I have a tendency to go into a total panic.

I hope that you are able to find a new doctor soon that can help you as much as the other did.

Hang in there : )

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