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Electrolyte Intake


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I was in GNC the other day and came across something called gatorlytes. They are more or less a flavorless electrolyte packet from Gatorade that you can add to any beverage. Of course, the packet suggests adding it to your gatorade. Each packet contains the following:

Sodium 780 mg

Potassium 400 mg

Magnesium 10% DV

Calcium 6% DV

They came 20 packets to a box at approximately $15 and a mix and match buy one, get one half off. (Please don't take my price as gospel. This was a Chicagoland GNC and obviously prices will vary.)

I know that most of us, especially in the summer, consume a ton of gatorade, vitaminwater, electrolyte enhanced water, etc, etc, etc just in order to remain functioning or sitting up. I liked that I could throw a little packet in my handbag and not worry about what kind of beverage options are available to me because I can just spice it up no matter where I am. After awhile, I get sick of the same thing all the time and let's face it, it gets expensive :-(


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I use those for my son. I do mix them with the crystal light pure (with the stevia sweetener). He can't tell. I have added the whole thing but usually I just guesstimate half for the morning and half during the later part of the the day. They are pretty convenient to tuck into a purse or pocket.

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