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Perfecting Patient/Doctor Relationship


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Health Tip: Perfecting the Patient/Doctor Relationship

Wed Jan 12,11:47 PM ET

(HealthDayNews) -- Patients who have good relationships with their doctors tend to be more satisfied with their care -- and have better results.

Here are some suggestions from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality to help you and your doctor become better partners in your health care:

Give your doctor information -- don't wait to be asked. Compose a "health history" list -- including any drugs, supplements and alternative products you take -- and keep it up to date.

Bring to your next office visit a list of questions to ask your doctor, ranked in priority order.

Follow up after your appointment. If you have questions, problems with your medicine, or your symptoms get worse, call.

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I do this when I go to a new doctor and it blows there mind!! I hand it to them along with my list of questions I want answered and my suggestions of things to try. They are like 'Wow you've done your homework'. I started doing it because I tend to be a little OCD plus, the doctor always distracts my focus with questions and I forget the things I have questions about.

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I totally agree with these suggestions. I've tried them myself. And in fact, it's one way of weeding out the good doctors from the bad ones. I've been researching a lot on dysautonomia and my symptoms, which probably many of us do. And often I compile a short list of questions, both when I see a new doctor and when I see an existing one.

The bad doctors usually get annoyed and dismissive over having to spend time answering questions. The good doctors are happy to answer my questions; they don't rush me; they take their time addressing them, and often praise me for asking such good questions.

Another thing I find is that good doctors welcome information their patients find that may be of value. My primary doctor is always happy when I find new info on the Internet or elsewhere that sheds more light on my condition and symptoms. She treats another patient with symptoms similar to mine. And in fact, when I told her about this Web site, she was so happy and asked if she could share the link to this site with this other patient.

Ideally, the Patient/Doctor relationship should be a true partnership, with both people trusting each other and working together to solve a problem. Whenever you can find a doctor who can work that way, it's always a promising sign.

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