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Saw my PCP yesterday----

Guest Julia59

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Guest Julia59

Yesterday I went to see my PCP about finding another doctor --a neurologist to help me with my progressing neurological problems---both central & autonomic.

I need someone to work with Dr. Bolognese in NY, as I can't keep bombarding him with questions.

I asked my PCP why other docs aren't more aware of dysautonomia and chiari.

I told him it angered me that there is such a mass ignorance. He said the conditions were rare and was defensive of the doctors.

I told him it's not as rare as he thinks---because people are crawling out of the woodwork with these disorders---more so with dysautonomia.

Then I told him if a doctor is not knowledgable about eaither of these disorders they need to admit it and be willing to learn. I also told him that many will blame the patient and accuse them of being a hypochondriac (spelling?), or tell them to see a psychologist. Then he said a lot of people with these disorders need a psychologist. I told him that psychological problems usually only develop secondary to the illness, and a lot of times it's due to the IGNORANCE FROM THE MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS-------> the very subject we started on.

He looked at me and said it was something to think about. I told him, "I hope so, because the ANS controls all the involuntary body functions". He smiled an understanding smile and we moved on with my examination.

Don't give up------just keep pushing............

Easy to say----there are times when I get tired of trying, but that little conversation gave me some glimmer of hope.

All those little glimmers add up to sunshine. Listen to the glimmers.

Julie :0)

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