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My Aching Head

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I know all of you will probably understand this...I am SO sick and tired of being dizzy and lightheaded and falling into things; one day I'm going to fall and not get back up. I'm afraid I really injured myself last week.

I had a major bout with vertigo for 3 or 4 days starting last Tuesday; Wednesday I could not even move my head w/o everything spinning out of control and making me sick. I should be used to this it's lifelong thing for me but this episode was very extensive and lasted days whereas most times it's gone within an hour, goes away; comes back etc.

With NCS I'm pretty used to fainting, near fainting, dizzy etc After the few days, I started feeling better and then had a really intense - no warning episode last Friday and fell into the corner of the tub (tiled) bending to get dressed; I know better but was in a hurry.

No full syncope but more of a quick "black out" feeling and remember smacking my head pretty hard bp/hr went crazy low. I had nausea and vomited once about an hour after, a horrendous headache, very painful pressure all over my head and ringing in my head/ears. I waited to go to the dr a week thinking I'll feel better but the pressure, pain and ringing in my head/ears stayed and I've been extra tired and "cranky" for the past week just not feeling well

I went to the dr who said he thought from the exam and testing he did I may have blood on my brain and needed to get to the ER. My reflexes were slowed, but that's normal for me, strength and muscles lax and very weak but this could jsut be from my condition worsening over the past 2 years.

I'm not sure exactly what is blood on the brain and how serious is it if I don't get a CT (cant have MRI due to ICD implant) to check. The ringing in my head/ears and pressure in my head is what's bothering me, couldn't that just be from whacking my head so hard on the tile and will get better?

not sure if this makes a difference but my bp was up today even more than normal @ 189/140 - last week it was 155/115 but it's been high w/o Midodrine for about 3 months and they don't know why - it stays 90/60 even with meds; which is scaring me makgin me think something else is going on.

I have insurance but I hate spending so much money to be put in the hospital just to check and be told I'm fine.

btw; off topic I wanted to let everyone know something about disability - I saw an attorney today who took my case! yay finally after 2 years...he told me something very valuable - don't ever see a nurse practioner (sp) NP for your care; their word has no bearing legally on anything in court, so make sure if you're going to dr's you see the MD's DO's etc.

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If your doctor suggests that you go to the ER, I would go to the ER! He is concerned enough about your symptoms and you should be too. These symptoms have lingered, so something is not right. It doesn't sound like the symptoms are going to spontaneously improve.

As the old saying goes, "It's better to be safe than sorry." Honestly, why suffer with these symptoms if they can be cured! Blood on the brain doesn't sound like something you want to mess with! Please go to the ER!

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sorry to post so late I've been in the hospital today...no blood on the brain thankfully but my ICD did pick up some weird strong magnetic interference on the day I had the episode and in bed all day - they have to find out why so I'm set for more appts with the EP

dr 's think it's just worsening of my ans dysfunction and I had a bad bp/hr spike since my bp's been riding roller coasters without me lately....

they didn't understand alot about ANS issues but at least knew what HOCM and NCS were and asked me a ton of questions and said obviously me being the patient have learned alot from the dr's and knew more about my condition than they did...the hospital didn't even have Midodrine in their systems and it's one of the top rated in the state; but they put it in there for me or the next patient who comes back in with it.

thanks for the responses, Im just glad it's not what the dr thought it was =)

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So glad that you went to the hospital to get checked out! Thrilled that you didn't have blood on the brain! Did the doctors have any ideas why you were having such headaches and ringing in the ears? Did they treat you for those symptoms?

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