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Confused About My Tilt Table Reaction


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I had a tilt table test done back in 2008, and I was tilted up for about 11 minutes. Nothing happened, so they ran the adrenaline. Just before they were about to end the test they had said they were about to stop. I told them I was glad, becuase I was beginning to feel sick. Well, that caused them to continue the test. I kept asking them to stop the test, because I got progressively more agitated, sick, and sweating like crazy. I began screaming at them to end it, I remember a state of trying to hang on with everything I had, but nothing would alleviate my feelings, so I went limp. I don't think I fainted. I conciously remember giving up. I can't explain it. Once they put me horizonatal I must have at some point gone unconcious for a spell, because when I came to the techs were in disagreement on what happened. If I had crashed or I didn't. I didn't get to know how this concluded, because all of a sudden I got the sensation of a limb that is asleep waking up, all over my body. I was wretched with pain as blood began flowing through my whole body. My stomach, I threw up. It was a terrible mess. I was in pain for about 10 minutes. I wanted the straps off so I can move my limbs and run away from the pain, but they would not release me. I was in agony. Once I began feeling better the tech looked at me, and said, "well, you failed" So, I thought I failed it. But after going to the doctor I learned that I had passed it. Honestly, it felt like I had died and came back to life. How could I have passed the test?

Has anyone ever had this tilt table test reaction before? I just made an appointment for a doctor I found in the DINET physicians list, and I am going to start the diagnoses process all over again. I have been diagnosed with POTS, back in '08, but the doctors I saw didn't really know about the condition. Now that I am getting symptoms again, I want to really delve into what is wrong with me, and try to figure this out.

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I was gonna say if I were you I'd just start over from scratch. The events of that day are just too confusing to make sense of. I can't imagine how you "passed" the test if you threw up and passed out. I'd want a whole new test with Dr's who know what they are doing. Good luck -hope you get answers!

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I just wanted to tell you I experienced that same torture with the adrenaline right after my ablation.

They had to pump it into me for 30 minutes to make sure I did not go into an abnormal heart rhythm again after ablating the heart.

It was sheer torture.

I was begging them to stop.

After about 20 minutes like you I just felt exhausted from fighting it and gave up.

I just laid there til it was over thank goodness I cannot imagine any experience where adrenaline is being pumped into you a good one for those of us with the issues we have.

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Thank you, Naomi.

I have an appointment with Dr. Man in Michigan on the 22nd, my birthday. Maybe he can give me some good news. It sure has been a roller coaster over here with all of this coming back to me.

Lieze, I'm sorry you had to go through that. How awful. Do you know what exactly caused the reaction? I wonder what exactly caused my whole body to essentially lose it's blood flow, and then have it come racing back? I am assuming that is what happened. Do you think all of our blood just pooled to the lower extremities? Gosh, that's frightening. Sometimes, the things my body does really scares me. Yesterday I got out of the van after sitting in there for an hour reading a book while my son played on the play structure. I took a few steps forward to go call him to the van, and I began staggering. It was like I didn't have proper control of my limbs. I was so embarrassed. I kept wondering if people thought I was a drunk mom wrangling up her kid, and going to go driving off intoxicated. It passed after a time, and I regrouped myself, but it was just awful, and scary to lose control of your body like that, and to be on an alternate plane of reality. Like my mind wasn't all with me for a good 2 minutes.

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It just felt incredibly horrible like something bad was gonna happen.

I was laying down so no pooling for me but like you it was agonizing torture.

I was tensing up my whole body until I just couldn't any more.

And finally like you did just couldn't fight it any more so I just relaxed and thought oh well if something happens I have 5? people here to do something about it.

I didn't pass out, mine would have felt more like a constant panic attack...I don't really remember any nausea...but it was too long ago.

Just relief as it was over in fact that and them stimulating me with the adrenaline to begin with-I think they had me in a fibb with a heart rate of over 200 was the worst part of

the entire thing.

I'm so sorry you're having those very uncomfortable moments.

I have to tell you what a trooper you are for still getting out there and trying!!!!

I would have difficulty also especially in heat if I sat for an hour with my legs down and then tried to get up... You're going to get a major headrush.

Maybe work out a system with your son where you can just blow a whistle or something to call him to the car.

That also causes me to panic if I'm trying to wave my kids down.

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