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Hi Everyone:

I just gor off the phone with Ken Davis. He is a good friend and colleague of Dr. Grubb. He is also a psychologist who not only helps with the emotional stuff, but also works with dysautonomia patients in particuar on neurological issues. He is a wonderful man and very sensitive to us POTS-types.

The tumors that were removed from his kidneys were in fact malignant. The good news is that they think, at least with the pathology reports they have so far, that they got it all. They do not think it has spread, but they are being cautious because apparently these things can pop up after the fact.

Dr. Grubb is resting well but in an incredible amount of pain. The incision is the width of his entire body.

I don't know whether they will do any radiation or other therapy. He still plans on going back to work in mid-February....although docs are encouraging him to take his time. Dr. Davis feels this might be a bit ambitious and is encouraging Dr. Grubb to listen to his body and do it when he is ready. He is supposed to be getting a new nurse practitioner in February as well.

That's about all for now.

I am cautiously optimistic.


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Whew, that's a lot going on with his body all at once--The kidney surgeries typically have big, gnarly incisions, and have some wicked post-surgical pain to get through. I sure hope he takes whatever time he needs to fully recover his energy and stamina. It's that old addage about taking good care of yourself so that you can better serve others in the future... :) Nina

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Guest Julia59

Thank You Kristen.

I plan on seeing Dr. Davis for a bit to deal with some extra stuff i'm going through. He is so good with dysautonomia patients----very good!

My brother in law just had kidney cancer last year and had to have one kidney removed. He said it was the most pain he was ever in. Then to add insult to injury he developed a staph infection from **** and had to go right back to the hospital. He ended up sailing through, and the good news is that he is doing great.

I'm sure Dr. Grubb will heal well----there's a lot of good paople out there praying and sending good vibes to him.

Julie :0)

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