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What Makes You More Sensitive (To Drugs/herbs/supplements)?

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Is there any supplement that has made you seem/feel MORE sensitive to things, such as more sensitive to the effects of drugs/herbs/etc? Or perhaps anything that calms or numbs your nervous system, almost tranquilizes you? Makes your pupils dilate, the whites of your eyes whiter? Removes strain? Makes you sleepy? Anything like that?

Any/all help is appreciated.

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Everyone is different. I am very sensitive to prescriptions. Good brands of supplements are fantastic. Thank goodness we have them. The key is to have a doctor that knows how to help with dosing and brands. I do not do it alone. Blood tests and good guidance is important.

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The herbs I use to calm the nervous system are well known nervines prescribed by herablists. These include melissa, skullcap, valerian, passionflower and chamomile. A combination of these herbs really helps calm me down. They do have something akin to a tranquilising effect. I have found them to be invaluable during times of great stress and anxiety and they have in turn helped keep my POTS from getting really bad. They can be taken even if you are not feeling anxious and can be used as a tonic for the nervous system. They also help increase the quality of sleep.

There are a number of essential oils that apparently have a heavy sedative effect. These include pure essential oil of jasmine, valerian, jonquil, hops, and some others. They are very difficult to get hold of in retail stores as they are very expensive. I have just made my first purchase of Jasmine which cost me over $100 (on sale). I believe they can be purchased on-line.

On another note, just in case you happen to be taking slippery elm powder, I would not take it with medication and would only take it for several hours after taking medication. I was initially taking it with florinef and subsequently found out that it reduces the effect of medication.

Good luck, I hope you find something that works for you.

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