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Any One Know What This Means?


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My report say "suspect atypical chord insertion on the ventricular surface of the anterior leaflet" "Trace tricuspid regurgitation noted" My doctor never mention this and said everything is normal.

Any one have any clue.



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I think it has something to do with the mitral valve but I'm not too familiar with the terminology just call and ask the dr's nurse what it means if you can =)

looks like you have some small leaking in valves which is normal aging most likely and they won't do anything until it goes into the moderate-severe stages...all of my valves are in the mild-moderate stages

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My list was a mile long well 2/3 of a page of what they found on my echo.

I would caution speaking to office staff regarding your results. I got really sketchy results from office staff when I got the note that my tests were abnormal-they told me my heart was enlarged and I has increased pulmonary hypertension.

My family doctor then stumbled through it with me saying -I don't know why after every comment...

The internist I saw after flicked the page and said-this is normal!!!!

Two cardiologists also reviewed subsequent echo's and reported no concerns.

For me unless they tell me there is an issue I try not to worry.

I do get that feeling that there is something wrong there that no one has found yet-maybe that is just my anxiety.

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