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Blood Clots and POTS


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Guest tearose

I have no data but I had this conversation with my pcp. He believes people with blood pooling in general are more prone to blood clots. He makes me carry a note with me which states that I must be allowed to get up and walk periodically, on a bus, train or airplane for medical reasons.

I don't worry about this because I'm usually wearing compression hose too. Whenever I have had surgery, they put these compression boots on my feet and calves to keep the blood circulating while I'm in bed.

hope this helps, tearose

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In August I suffered from a bad clot in my left leg. The clot goes from my knee to my groin. It created a great deal of damage. I am still having pain and swelling. They are still doing a bunch of tests, but they think it could be POTS related...not sure yet. There are many articles that will say that POTS patients are not likely to get clots.. but its still left for discussion

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