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Tilt -- Hr/bp Patterns

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Found this image which attempts to illustrate the differential HR/BP response patterns for NCS, POTS, and autonomic failure in a tilt-test. Two questions:

  1. Based upon your experience/research, is this an accurate representation? I realize some POTS might present with higher BP on TILT...but it's the HR response I'm interested in.
  2. Does "autonomic failure" generally encompass things like PAF and MSA?


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I was diagnosed with POTS and had the thirty point elevation in heart rate which went up another twenty points during the test. My blood pressure remained stable for the most part but went up slightly (10 points for systolic and 10 for diastolic). I don't really fit any of the patterns.

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Where did you get these charts? I don't seem to fit any of them either...My BP drops by 30-40 points and my HR goes up 40-60 points when I do the tilt table test. I have dysautonomia, and orthostatic hypotension. My specialist at Mayo told me that their version of POTS is where BP stays about the same, but the HR goes up by at least 30 points. I'm also a fainter. I guess I'd be between A and B.

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