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Yo Folks! :)


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Hi folks,

Just wanted to take the time to say hello to everyone. I am Lette from Ireland! I am 28 years old and just got diagnosed with POTS there on the 15th April after 2 weeks in hospital where I had just about every test under the sun done to me and all of which came back normal except for the Tilt Table Test where I had a huge adverse reaction which confirmed pots. On the same day I was discharged, still feeling terrible and with very little information and a ton of medication (read the signature!) 16 tablets a day in all!!

I am the kind of person who needs to know how everything works and as such started researching immediately as soon as I got home and my energy levels allowed and the information overload began!! I found my way to this little forum and I'm glad I have, so much information as there is very little info here in Ireland and my family Dr. doesnt know what to do with me and I am still waiting for my first appointment with my specialist since leaving hospital on the 15th of April. I was supposed to see him within a month of being discharged and im on week 3 of being set free and still nothing :-/

My main symptoms and meds can be seen in my signature, the fainting is the worst I guess.

I am also hard of hearing having to wear bilateral hearing aids, but compared to pots this doesnt seem as big a deal!!

Other than all this I live, work, and play in the South West Of Ireland In County Limerick where I was Born and raised with my wonderful Husband and our little pup Boo. I am an Interaction designer, Photographer and all round creative.

An Art Degree Graduate of Limerick School Of Art And Design, I also hold a Master of Science in Interactive Media from the University of Limerick.

I have been a Photographer for nearly a decade now and I enjoy working with both film and manual processing as well as digital photography and digital manipulation.

I also make Creative Digital Photoshop Manipulations with use for both my art and photography.

I have a fun and childish sense of humour, and dont mind displaying it every now and then!!

When im not being an artist I love to play with video games, toys, Lego watch movies, Gadget Hacking, listen to and create music (even though the eas are half broken!) and generally like to kick back and catch my breath and take in the world around me.

So HI!! Thats me! How are you? :) :)

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Hello Lette from Ireland :D

Glad you have found us but sad it is under unfortunate circumstances. Unfortunately though, I don't think anyone would find us unless they were going through the same syptoms etc. I am working on the DOC list for website. Would you be willing to consult about the Docs you've had success with in Ireland?

I live in Colorado...used to love to hike, ski and be in nature. Trying to get back there but the body isn't too keen on the process B) I was just diagnosed in January finally.

How are your Meds working for you?

I have never been to Ireland. Have you traveled to CO? Just wanted to drop a Hello to you!!

Take care,

Michelle G

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Hi Michelle, Pleased to meet you :) :)

I would be more than willing, though I am very new to pots but my specialist is supposed to be one of the top in Ireland but I am still waiting to see him since my release from hospital, but I would love to share information and help in any way I can :)

I have never been to the states (yet!) But I used to be a fitness instructor and like you was very active up until recently, its strange to suddenly need to stop most things I took for granted before!

The meds are all new, I have been three weeks on them now and I have good days but mostly bad! I have needed to cut back on the propranolol as it was dropping my heartrate very low and I was crashing (fainting and being very week) every evening after taking my last dose so I have reduced it to 2 a day instead of 3 a day. Midodrine makes my skin crawl and gived heart palpitations but I can live with that, other than that I dont know if they are helping because compared to being healty I feel crappy!! but as soon as I get my first proper appointment with my specialist I will have a ton of questions for him!!

Thank you for making me feel welcome :) :) :)

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