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  1. here is the video., the audio is a little all over the place but hope you enjoy
  2. I get this too, especially when symptoms are bad and im really tired or dizzy, I slur my words, completely brain fog out and mix up words for other words or forget words completely! I think its part of pots and the meds we take!! (well thats my excuse for having my silly moments!!)
  3. My thoughts are with you I hope she is doing good
  4. Funniest interview ever, what could go wrong, went wrong and I rambled! LOL!! Had fun though!! it will be online soon
  5. LOL!! Too true, I blame POTS for EVERYTHING that ails me now! :P
  6. the itching has stopped but the rash has spread all ovr my body! Tiny little red dots spread everywhere, very strange, they do fade under a glass tumbler and they are not itchy now, very strange!!!
  7. i have had an MRI and it didnt show anything strange, I have Pots, NCS and benign hypermobility syndrome other than that i can get mad unrelated symptoms... I just went to bed and slept for an hour and thankfully the itchiness has gone for now, oh gawd it was so bad!
  8. Arrrrggggggg!!!! I put on some socks last night as my feet were cold in bed and within a few minutes the sides of my feet began to tear itchy, I took them off and the itchiness has continued all night and into today!! So much so I have friction burns from scratching and I cant stop, the sides of my feet and now toes and heals are sooooo itchy theres no relief, I have taken a zirtek antihestimine and Daktarin foot powder to only the slightest relief, even bathing my feet in cold water has done nothing, please help! Arrrrrrrgggggg!!! I get adrenal rushing every now and then and my arms and hands and legs can get very itchy but never last as long or as intence as this, im wondering if its an alergic reaction, of which I thought I didnt have anything I was alergic to!!
  9. the reason I vomited blood apparantly is because the acid in my tummy burned me so bad that my esophagus was damaged enough to bleed, im still pretty raw a week after it and i have reduced my intake of food drastically and im eating lots of soft foods to help with the raw feeling, iv never had that before it was mad!!
  10. but either way I will have it recorded and online afterwards
  11. where in the states are you, ill have to look up the time difference
  12. Thanks so much folks I am feeling a lot better than I was, The burning is still a little there and I get waves of nausea every now and then but doing much better, also eating far less than I used to and eating a bland diet is defo working, as well as making me lose weight which for now isnt really a bad thing!
  13. I actually dont know what kind of tachy I have, mine is just related to Pots, thats all I know!! Not flaring, Lying: low 50's to late 60's sitting: late 60's Standing: 90 to 110+ Flaring: Lying: 70-80's Sitting: 80-90's Standing: 130+
  14. Dunno if this has ever happened you lot but I just wanted to share what happened to me Sunday night Monday morning about 01:30am, I felt very nauseated and suddenly got sick raw acid from my tummy, It kept going for about 15mins then I started vomiting some serious ammounts of dark red blood, I was very scared and so sore I nearly passed out! My hubby called the ambulance as it wasnt stopping. They arrived 40mins later and im doubled up in the living room with a bucket full of red, im sweating and burning from my insides out. I get into the ambulance and as soon as it starts moving the vibrations make me worse and I passed out! They gave me 2 lots of morphine (wow I adore that stuff) but it didnt even touch the pain! Once I got to hospital they treated me with other meds to settle my stomach. The pain and sickness lasted for hours before subsiding and all bloods came back clear so I had no infection, just my usual nausea with my Pots. I am terrified now that if I get sick this will happen again, so I am eating very little and resting a lot, and when I do eat its all soft foods, wow Id love a solid sub sammitch! Im doing better now though still very raw and sore and on meds to help my tummy. what had happened was as I got sick the acid from my gut burned the full length of my esophagus (sp?) and made me bleed inside, I had never whitnessed pain like it! Have any of you had this, is there anything that helps stop the raw feeling? will I need to reduce my eating for good to avoid this? Thanks xxx
  15. welcome!! Not so long ago I was a newbie! great info on here
  16. I have very bad tummy issues with my Pots and NCS, so much so I needed an ambulance ride to the hospital sunday night as I started vomiting blood. I have found Ginger to be a massive help in setteling my tummy and eating soft, home cooked meals, eat little and often not the usual 3 meals a day, I cant eat like I used to I find the nausea never really goes away though
  17. Doing much better now thanks, still quite sore but the interview is rescheduled YEAY here are the details, straight back on the horse! Tune into the Lou M. Dennehy Chat Show on Wired 99.9FM, Monday 5th Dec to hear Lette Moloney speak to Lou about Irish Dysautonomia Awareness. The show airs live between 12.00pm - 12.30pm. It can be streamed via http://www.wiredfm.ie/?p=847
  18. ‎ I'm gutted after vomiting blood last night I ended up in hospital emergency room and had to miss the interview :( I'm sorry folks it will be rescheduled for next week!! ill give the details when I know, im so peeved...and sore!!
  19. Yes indeedy, tired, hungry, dehydrated or too hot I get very bad symptoms!!
  20. So a quick reminder, 12 to 12:30pm Irish time tomorrow afternoon, it can be streamed live at the link in my first comment, hope ye tune in and I do dyasutonomia proud!
  21. Just wanna add, Ginger tea for nausea, ALL THE WAY!!!! Put a teaspoon of finly chopped ginger into boiling water, stir some lemon to taste if you like and throw it back, best cure to upset tummy I have found so far!
  22. im on 80mg Inderal LA slow release tabs, they are heavy duty so I take them in the morning and they seem to work throughout the day!!
  23. Thanks folks! ill add the interview recording here after its done and ill be video recording the interview to put on the new blog, im all motivated to spread the word for us! Weeee!
  24. AHHHHHH!!!!! Im so excited!!! Tune into the Lou M. Dennehy Chat Show Monday 28th November on Wired 99.9FM to hear Lette Moloney speak to Lou about Irish Dysautonomia Awareness. The show airs live between 12.00pm - 12.30pm (Irish Time) It can be streamed via http://www.wiredfm.ie/?p=847 and will be available on Soundcloud after the show, ill add the link here, I hope to do you all proud!! xxx :)
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