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Dr. Grubb-NEW update


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Hi Everyone:

I just got off the phone with Debbie at MCO. She has offered to be our update person for info on Dr. Grubb's condition. She has suggested I call every few days, which I will. Of course, I will post everything I hear.

She said he got through the surgery very well and that he is resting in the hospital. He will most likely stay in the hospital for a while. He was able to get up and walk for the first time today.

It was, in fact, surgery on the kidneys as Julie had mentioned/suspected. They have not gotten all of the results back regarding malignancy, etc, BUT they DO think they got it all. The doctors were very pleased with the way the surgery went.

Debbie did also say that this type of surgery on the kidneys is very tough and difficult for both doctor and patient. However, Dr. Grubb's wife, Barbara, said he is handling it well.

If all goes well, the best case scenario is that he would return to work in mid-February.

Let's all try to send him as much positive energy and prayers as we can muster!

I am very relieved that he made it through the surgery well. Hopefully, he is on the road to recovery!

Julie, do you think we should do another post for good wishes that can be delivered to him?

That's all for now....big sigh...


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A different side of Dr. Grubb. Following my husband's first consultation with Dr. Grubb in 2003, he sent a package that contained not only research articles on dysautonomia, but other, non-medical writings of his. I just did a search on the internet to see if some of them were available online and below are links to several of his articles:





I just thought some of you might appreciate reading these while he is so much in our prayers.

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Guest Julia59

Once again I will be happy to send any well wishes Dr. Grubb's way. I live close and it's easy for me to drop off a card for him.

I'm so glad he made it through the surgery well. I will continue to watch for your postings on Dr. Grubb in addition to stopping up at MCO to have a gab with the secretary in his office.

Julie :0)

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I am so glad to hear his surgery went well. He had been on my mind all today. He will definately in my prayers daily.

Thanks so much for keeping us updated/better than all of us calling. and I think it would be great if everyone sent him cards or letters. Nothing lifts the spirit knowing people care and are sending you good thoughts and prayers.

God Bless


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Thanks for sharing these documents. I just finished reading them and it makes me appreciate Dr Grubb even more. He is such a humble man.


I agree with you "I wish such an unselfish person didn't have so much hardship". It just seems that he is having so many health issues. I can't wait for him to get well again.


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